The challenge:

We worked in partnership with the Quality Team of this leading media organisation over three years. During that time, they revolutionised their approach to coaching and quality monitoring, changing the role of the Quality Team from checking and ‘policing’ to a strategic and operational Business Partner model, and moving responsibility for quality measurement and coaching to front-line agents and their team leaders.

Roles within the Quality Team varied enormously – from Business Partner, working at strategic level with senior operational managers in the UK and offshore, to analysts and design specialists, focusing on the details of effective customer conversations.

What we did:

Our role became one of ‘trusted advisor’ – to both senior managers and team members. We’ve built relationships across the different areas and have supported individuals and specialist teams through a massive change to their roles and skill-sets.

We’ve designed and delivered a range of bespoke training and team-building interventions, each tailored to meet the specific needs of the delegate group. We’ve also provided individual coaching for managers.

Our training programmes have included:

  • Influencing, Assertiveness and Stakeholder Management
  • Behavioural Observation and Coaching Skills
  • Personal impact and Presentation skills
  • Face to face and written communications
  • Understanding and influencing your team
  • Working as a team
  • Understanding and working with differences
  • Motivation and conflict
  • Understanding Strengths and Overdone Strengths (SDI)
  • High-energy teambuilding activities


We delivered each of these interventions in response to a particular need. Many were about building individual confidence and self-awareness, helping people to adjust to new and challenging roles as internal consultants, influencers and subject-matter experts, as well as specific knowledge and skills.