The challenge:

A leading financial services company was strongly focussed on compliance and internal process adherence. They recognised they had developed a narrow view of customer experience in their operational areas – focussing on elements that were essential (right and fair) but not exciting (relational and individual).

Their Quality Assurance approach for calls and written interactions was reinforcing this focus. It was helping eliminate errors and ensure fair outcomes, but wasn’t adding value or strengthening customer relationships.

Coaching within the Operation was also narrowly focussed. It was mainly seen as a remedial activity for underperformers and was focussed on process and compliance. Team Managers were comfortable coaching around what they often described as ‘low-hanging fruit’ – putting in place specific scripting or language – but were neither equipped nor confident enough to coach on more subtle, behavioural elements.

The organisation wanted to change this focus. They wanted to:

  • Raise their game, to encourage people to deliver positively memorable experiences that would turn neutral customers into promoters
  • Get more value from their existing quality and coaching activity
  • Turn coaching into a valuable developmental tool for everyone, regardless of current performance.

What we did:

We developed a new Quality Assurance framework, focussing on the skills and behaviours needed to deliver excellent customer experiences. We guided a team of internal representatives to create this framework and become champions of the new approach.

We then designed a highly practical, two-day training programme for the Quality Assurance teams and for Centre and Team Managers from the Operation. Our focus was on building skills in behavioural analysis and coaching – developing the ability to clearly describe behaviours and have meaningful conversations with customer-facing advisors about the impact of their behaviours on the customer.

We delivered training to around 350 people across numerous locations, and followed it up with further support for the Quality Assurance teams.

The results:

The change programme has been welcomed across the business. The training was received very positively, with delegates commenting that it helped them develop both the right mind-set and the skills they need.

The Quality Assurance tool has provided Quality Assessors and Team Managers with the ability to talk the same language about current performance and development. As a result, coaching conversations with front-line staff have been more valuable and have improved motivation and competence. The relationship between the Quality department and the operation has also significantly improved.

Key benefits for the business include:

  • Increase in customer satisfaction – seen in improved NPS results and customer comments
  • Improved first-time resolution rate
  • Greater value from the Quality Assurance process
  • Enhanced coaching and performance review conversations
  • More balanced focus for front-line staff – on behaviours as well as compliance

Feedback from training:

  • One of the best coaching workshops I have done, content was very relevant and a great refresher. Has inspired me to improve how I communicate and coach my people going forward (CSM)
  • This course really was absolutely brilliant. I found new ways of coaching. You kept us engaged and at no point was it boring. Learned loads and was delivered brilliantly in a very interactive format (Team Manager)
  • Extremely helpful. I have learned more than I could have imagined. These skills will make me a better leader (Team Manager)