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We’re committed to making sure that all our projects bring sustainable results. That’s what our clients want – and it’s how we develop lasting relationships with them.

We take time to understand your specific needs, to get to know you and your business, and to tailor all our interventions with a focus on the outcomes that matter to you.

The development work we design and deliver is equally focussed on achieving long-term improvements, rather than just quick fixes. We know we’ll deliver you fantastic training and coaching that will engage your people – but we also know that the initial buzz from attending high-energy training isn’t enough.

Through our diagnostic services, we deliver highly detailed insight which is immediately practical. We unpack behavioural strengths and the specific areas which will help you achieve real change. We explore your current culture, working practices and priorities to help identify key levers and barriers to making change last. When we report back to you, our presentations are interactive and discursive – we take time to make sure our findings and recommendations are thoroughly explained and understood and to build consensus on how to move forward.

So we work with our clients up front, to make sure we agree shared objectives – understanding the change you want to drive, exploring how you’ll recognise and measure that change, and jointly committing to getting you to where you want to go.


Improvement in customer satisfaction within 6 months

Case studies

Shifting to value-adding Business Partner model

Shifting to value-adding Business Partner model

The challenge: We worked in partnership with the Quality Team of this leading media organisation over three years. During that time, they revolutionised their approach to coaching and quality monitoring, changing the role of the Quality Team from checking and...

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Transforming customer experience for complaints

Transforming customer experience for complaints

The challenge: A major credit card provider with a very large complaint handling team wanted to change the customer experience they delivered through their complaints process. They had a strong reliance on standard wording and written...

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“Definity have helped us to identify new opportunities to understand and satisfy the emotional needs of our customers. In-depth research and thought-provoking insight was translated into easy to digest quick-win solutions and some longer term opportunities that will help us to keep our strategy on track and succeed in our mission of creating ‘customers for life’.”
David Metcalf, H/O Customer Strategy, Porsche Cars Great Britain

“The training sessions delivered to our Team Managers were fabulous, it has helped them to deliver a coaching experience to their staff that has really focused on the Customer interaction. My staff are now having engaging conversations with customers that focus on them and their situation. The results have been amazing & customer compliments have been flooding in!”
Maxine Hastings, Complaints Centre Manager, RBS

“Definity are great at listening to what you need and providing practical suggestions about the right way to proceed in an honest, open and collaborative manner. The bespoke interventions they developed were engaging and thought provoking and were delivered at the right pitch, irrespective of audience.”
Kate Rodi, Head of Customer Contact Quality, Virgin Media

“The leadership training has opened their eyes to see their role in helping us grow. It’s enabled us to give them more freedom and responsibility. One manager had struggled to understand her role as a leader. You’ve switched on the lights for her. She’s soared”
Chris Hall, Chief Executive, Hallmark Consumer Services

“The work Definity did for us brought us closer to what’s really important to customers. It’s easy to think we use the right words, although often they are our words and sometimes we don’t think about what the impact of them is. Definity really helped us to inject warmth into our letters, so customers could see that we’d heard what was important to them.”
Sandra Gordon, Senior Manager, Executive Response Team, RBS