Our approach

We focus on the human connection between an organisation, its customers and employees

We provide detailed insight and real, sustainable improvement

Diagnostic services

Revealing impact and drivers of customer-facing behaviours


Customer Interaction Analysis

We review a sample of your calls, emails and other customer interactions.

We analyse the quality and consistency of the customer experience, focussing on how effectively you connect on a human level.

You get specific, highly actionable insights into the skills, behaviours and processes that make the most impact on your customers


Discovery and action planning

We spend time with your customer-facing teams, getting under the skin of the organisation, learning about your culture and what’s driving behaviours.

We work with you to develop interventions that will deliver lasting improvements.

You get an in-depth understanding of what’s going on at the front line, and support in designing effective change strategies

Employee Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement Survey

We use our feelings-based engagement survey to find out what it’s really like to work for you and identify what motivates or frustrates your people.

We can use focus groups to further understand findings and explore ways of improving.

You get a detailed picture of how employees feel, helping you identify areas of excellence, priorities, early warning signs and potential risks

Development services

Equipping people to deliver outstanding experiences

Performance measurement design

Performance measurement design

We work with you to design and implement relevant, balanced and motivational measures.

We help you create a culture in which your people can effectively describe, coach and manage behavioural performance.

You get expert support in defining, measuring and encouraging excellence – across all the areas that are important to you

Training design and delivery

Training design and delivery

We create inspiring, tailored training which makes a sustainable difference.

We equip your people with the communication, relationship building, influencing and coaching skills they need.

You get top quality development for your people, supporting your priorities and making a lasting impact on performance and retention

Coaching and Management support

Coaching and Management support

We train, coach and mentor managers at all levels, building the knowledge, skills and confidence of your leaders.

We help you embed a true coaching culture which engages and motivates performers at all levels.

You get powerful coaching support and development, enabling you to build internal expertise and drive sustainable improvement


Making a real difference to vital relationships