About us

We are passionate about equipping individuals and organisations to develop, thrive and achieve their goals. We want to help organisations be great places for their employees and customers.

We’re privileged to work with clients of all shapes and sizes, across numerous industries. Our focus is to create sustainable improvement – developing skills and behaviours among individuals and teams, while making sure the focus of the organisation drives the right performance.

We bring our own experience in management and leadership, and a real understanding of what it’s like to be in our clients’ shoes – all of which supports our flexible, pragmatic and relational approach. We’d be delighted to talk to you about your needs and how we can help.

Pete Cansdale

Pete Cansdale

Director / Consultant

Pete has been working as a consultant since 2010, designing and delivering high-impact improvement programmes for many clients. Before that, his background was in Financial Services where he enjoyed various operational management roles before moving into Learning and Development.

He’s energised by inspiring and enthusing others. He loves seeing people have lightbulb moments – gaining new and deeper insights into themselves, their businesses and their customers.

Pete brings high levels of energy and a sense of fun to all his work. He enjoys providing challenge, fresh insight and a different perspective to help clients to reflect, develop and move forward.

Definity Research Team

Our Research specialists provide expert input to our Customer Interaction Analysis projects. This experienced team conduct objective, unbiased analysis of interactions (phone calls, emails and letters) between our client organisations and their customers.